"Where can I get chris browns plaid shirt in the loyal video ?" by Anonymous

It’s from H&M. Next time check the archives, please ☻☺♥

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"I can't find the bucket hat with that link you gave me, do you have another one" by Anonymous

it’s not available………..

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"I know the bucket hat Chris was wearin in the loyal video is apparently sold out but can I just get the link to it so I can wait until it is available??" by Anonymous
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"Where can I find the angels jersey he used at the power house 2013?" by isco11

Its by Andstill but that one is sold out

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"Do you know a blog for justin bieber fashion? If not, or just incase, do you know what is the white shirt he is wearing in the All That Matters video? Thanks." by Anonymous
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A few of my favorite vintage snapbacks

- Cincinnati Reds snapback

- How I Feel 1996 Olympics coca cola snapback

-Detroit Pistons [sold out]

-Knicks starter cap [sold out]

- Spike Lee mars Brooklyn hats (I know this isn’t a snapback but I love it)

- NBA snapback

you can purchase vintage snapbacks: here , here , here or ebay

"Can make a post of Chris brown in vintage snapbacks (ur favorites if u want)" by Anonymous

sure :)

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"Where can I find all Chris browns outfit from Battle of the year?" by Anonymous
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"Hi, where can I find CB's sneakers/trainers he has in the scene with lil wayne etc? the blue ones? Thanks!" by Anonymous

Check the archives ;)

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"Can you find the name of the shoes and where I can get these shoes chris posted on his ig & when you find them tag me or message me the name? I'll post the shoes on my tumblr. Please & thank you!" by alexisisfat

We post all of the questions we receive so you would have to check back onto the page, and what shoes are you talking about?

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New Mechanical Dummy/Black Pyramid merchandise. Coming soon!

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"How do you find out where he gets all of his clothing from? It's incredible, like really. :)" by Anonymous

Thank you! 

We either are familiar with designers or certain brands and can find the websites they can be found at, or B just ask Seth on his IG or look onto his IG. 

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"what kind of glasses are cb wearing in the bts video?" by Anonymous

not yet

**but you can find (somewhat) similar glasses here

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"hey i know this has nothing to do with cb but do you know where i can buy ovo merchandise??" by Anonymous
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Chris wore a custom ArtistiCreation money addicts varsity jacket 

*gif credit: boomxkat

*check the bts video here